Change is not a journey

Creative imagination, the source of truly original ideas

The Creative Lifecycle

Edward Matchett | Design revolutionary

Enriching the world: Is it good business practice?
A video of Jack’s five-minute Ignite talk

Four-way learning groups
Fostering an unconditional service disposition

Generative and degenerative consciousness

How can we animate our strategy and manifest our intent?

How the term now-to-new came into being

Jobs-to-be-Done Theory and the Value Proposition Canvas

How to host a Knowledge Café

The maximum group size for a proper conversation is four

Now-to-new: a brief introduction

Now-to-new glossary

Readiness work

Readiness work, the first stage of The Creative Lifecycle, enables members of the now-to-new project team to prime themselves for the showing up of a high potential concept, by becoming immersed in the demands and dynamics of the project and having a felt sense of the new reality in which the desired results will arise.

Resources for now-to-new practitioners
Selected publications, articles, blogs, books, websites and service providers

Rich co-creation: principles and practices for creating the new together

Specifying the value your new creation will generate

The Tell–Sell–Test–Consult–Co-create model

The three main co-creation meeting formats, and how to incorporate the max4 principle

Value: the ultimate purpose of all now-to-new work

What does holistic mean?

What’s different about now-to-new?

Woodrow Wilson’s “You are here to enrich the world” address in full

Work that enriches the world calls for unconditional service

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